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Creating sustainability in the vape industry and the safety behind PLA bottles for storing e-liquid.

Here at Rx Vape we are always looking for ways to improve our practice and become a more sustainable company. There are many things we do to create as little waste as possible and strive to become as green a company as possible.

The first step in the process is sourcing. We very carefully vet all the business partners we work with to make sure their values and beliefs are in alignment with ours. We want to make sure they are ethically sourcing their ingredients and providing recyclable packaging and product materials.

Which brings us to my next question and point. Are PLA bottles safe for vape e-liquid?

Without a doubt we will be using 100% biodegradable packaging and bottles at some point in the near future, but currently the e-liquid industry is not ready for PLA bottling. Firstly, Polylactic Acid aka PLA, is biodegradable, however, it does have an extremely low biodegradable time frame, some estimate 100 to 1000 years depending on the landfills conditioning. PLA also has an inability to mix with other plastics in the recycling process. It should also be noted that PLA is mostly made of genetically modified corn aka a GMO product. Also, PLA may start slowing break down into your e-liquid bottle. While PLA does seem to be a promising alternative to many plastics, we think it is safe to let more research come out on the subject matter. For now, we offer glass bottles and PET bottles, which are recyclable anywhere in the USA.

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