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If you were around in the vaping world in 2013 then traditional freebase nicotine was your only option. Although the industry has evolved so much since then, freebase nicotine is still being used today by many vapers. A world of flavors is the perfect word to define our catalog with the best traditional vape juices on the market, here you can freely choose your favorite flavors because the quality of each e juice is fully guaranteed, carefully created to offer you the best experience and flavor. Each flavor will impact your mouth in ways that you would never have imagined, so that you have an idea of what you are about to witness, I show you some of our flavors: Fruit Vape Juice, Tobacco Vape Juice, Candy Vape Juice, Dessert Vape Juice and Menthol Vape Juice, and much more is waiting for you in our shop.

Until further notice all tobacco-derived e-liquids, besides tobacco only flavors, will be no longer available. This is due to many local policies as well as pending PMTA applications. Please check out our  tobacco-free nicotine freebase pages for more flavors.

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