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Beek Vape

Beek Vape has been in the vape e-liquid industry since 2014 and has been producing high quality e-juice that has been able to evolve within the vape industry. Beek’s first line up features a wide range of flavors that included blueberry cotton candy, mint, a classic and Virginia tobacco, and even a creamsicle. Beek Vape has also been on the forefront of the nicotine salt trend that has exploded over the passed few years specifically. All of their flavors come with nic salts and they even offer a no nicotine 0mg option. Beek’s latest blends are based off of the terminology “Soloanaceae” aka “Nightshades”. These names fall under the plantae kingdom and more specifically referenced to “Nicotiana Tabacum” which is the tobacco plants scientific name. There are more than 70 species of tobacco plants but Beek choose 10 that made the most sense. Based on their origins Beek has come up with fantastic vape recipes that will pair well with its natural characteristics. Please be sure to read product descriptions and check the pictures to see which premium high quality tobacco blended e-liquid you may enjoy best.

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