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Most Popular Vape Flavors 2021

Are you in search of the best vape flavors in this New Year? If yes, then you’re in the right place. However, the taste indeed makes your vaping experience worth it, but there are many things, such as the best vape gear that is necessary for your vaping experience to be optimized.

This year is all about trying new vape juices. The e-cigarette market has attracted many former smoker’s and converted them to try vape, because vaping is proven to be one of the best ways to quit smoking. The mouth-watering and tempting flavored vape juice has attributed a lot to the popularity of vape and we believe vaping is here to stay for the long term.

When compared with nicotine vape juices, we found out that tasty vape juice flavors are difficult to find because they are available in a vast amount. There are hundreds of brands that produce thousands of vape juice flavors, but there are only a few that give high-quality flavors.

This article is going to make vape juice selection easier for you because we have listed some of the tastiest flavors that are tried and tested.

1. Watermelon Ice 

Launched by the Rx Vape in their latest collection, it is extracted from the juiciest watermelons. The touch of ice and menthol in this flavor makes your vaping session unforgettable.

2. Naked 100 Hawaiian Pog

Naked 100 Hawaiian Pog is a known e-liquid giving an irresistible mix of sourish oranges, edible fruit, and guava e-liquid. Experience an exotic fruit concoction throughout vaping Hawaiian Pog. Hawaiian Pog E-liquid comes in phytotoxin strengths 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg and is accessible in a 60ml glass pipette bottle. Try Hawaiian Pog because we have a tendency to guarantee this liquid can become your next all day vape.

3. Tobacco Free Nicotine (TFN) Cool Cucumber Chilled

It has the power to ease your thirst and cool your senses. It is a combination of three different juices. You inhale fresh and smooth juice of cucumbers in your mouth along with a crispy taste of ripe watermelons. There are menthol chills during the exhalation. You’ll have a crazy vaping experience with this vape juice flavor.

4. Virginia Tobacco

It is one of the most exciting flavors in the market, and it has a taste of caramel and vanilla that takes you the ecstasy. Beek Vape is the leading manufacturing e-cig company today, and it has provided refillable bottles that will remain on the market due to success PMTA submission. The success story of Beek Vape is that it offers customizable vape juices in the market, so you can choose you can make a flavor of your own choice.

5. Crème Brulee 

Crème Brulee has one of the fantastic nicotine salt vape flavors for your e juice devices. Using Nicotine Salts permits for a mass of nicotine while not the rough throat hit.

Although, FDA has issued a ban of some flavored vaping products, we expect drastic change in the vaping industry. This gives the industry a chance to mature and evolve into something better. Menthol and Tobacco Pod vapes are still legal and regulations no disposables are still being determined. Tobacco Free Nicotine, aka TFN, shows a promising future because the entire product is not made from tobacco which may allow it to fall outside of FDA regulations. Trump signed a law in December 2019 based on which, the selling of cigars, cigarettes and e-cigarettes has been prohibited for people under the age of 20. We wish you to have an amazing vaping experience in 2020.e

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