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Indian Mango Vape


Dive into the tropical allure of Indian Mango, a botanical vape alternative. Experience the same satisfaction as standard vape, without the nicotine.

3% (30mg) – 120mL.

Made in USA.

*Does not contain nicotine.


Introducing our Indian Mango e-liquid, a unique blend that transports you straight to the lush orchards of India. This e-liquid captures the rich, sweet essence of ripe Indian mangoes, offering a taste that’s both exotic and familiar. But what truly sets it apart is its botanical foundation, derived from the Bongardia chrysogonum plant species. While it doesn’t contain nicotine, this e-liquid is designed to be used just like your standard vape, ensuring you don’t miss out on the experience you love. Embrace a cleaner, more natural vaping journey with our Indian Mango e-liquid, a botanical alternative that promises both flavor and satisfaction.

  • Does not contain nicotine
  • Not for use in a tobacco product
  • Bonguard Naturals with Nixodine, a unique product derived from the Bongardia Chrysogonum plant family, offers a superior alternative to your regular vape. Experience a smoother throat hit compared to traditional vapes, without any nicotine content.

*Does not contain tobacco derived nicotine. Not intended for use with nicotine or tobacco products.

Ingredients: USP (Pam-Derived) Vegetable Glycerin, USP Propylene Glycol, Natural And/Or Artificial Flavoring, Nixamide.


20mg (2%), 50mg (5%), 20mg (2%) Bonguard Naturals w/ Nixodine, 50mg (5%) Bonguard Naturals w/ Nixodine


30mL, 60mL, 120mL


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