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Tobacco Free Nicotine (TFN) The Next Generation Of Vape Juices

Times of pressure and crisis push people to create new alternatives, this is a constant factor in the history of humanity and has been applied to many sectors that is hard to be quantified, what is certain is that the new alternatives are generally an improvement, because when someone is pressured to improve its because the old methods aren’t efficient anymore , resulting in new ways to improve what was already established, and that’s what’s happening to the vaping industry.

What is the TFN?

The TFN or tobacco free nicotine is the result of looking for a new alternative to tobacco derivatives due to the pressure that the vape liquid industry has received to replace these components in e liquids. Tobacco free nicotine is synthesized without using a single derivative of tobacco to be able to replace it perfectly without the nicotine.

But does the TFN have the same quality as a common e liquid?

Many customers who have decided to try TFN claim that its flavor is much more intense and clean than a common e liquid, leaving a strong impact on the throat like any quality liquid and satisfying the needs of the most demanding users. In general the feedback has been positive, even improving the feedback received by the common e liquids, the people who have tried this new formula assure that it is worth giving the TFN Liquids a try.

Where can I get TFN Vape Liquids?

Because it is a new formula that is making its way into the market, very few vape stores are selling those products, but there are a few that are innovating their inventories and introducing their customers to this new generation of e liquids, one of those stores is Rxvape.

Although it is a new technology Rx vape has a great variety of flavors of TFN nic salts and traditional TFN Liquids such as:

TFN Nicotine Salts:

TFN tradicional Eliquids:

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  1. I am interested in trying one of the TFN products but for $22.99 a bottle plus $14.00 shipping, it’s more of an investment than “a try.” Do you by chance have any samples?

    Thank you for your time.

    Susan Thompson

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